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In order to assess the quality of the Masters Degree, the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Castilla y León (ESADCYL) will follow the procedures and standards established by its internal quality assurance system in a manner that ensures effective management of the degree and appropriate decision-making for its control, revision and improvement.

Furthermore, this internal quality assurance system will ensure compliance with the provisions of Order EDU/1221/2011 of 29 September in Article 9 of its annex, thus making it possible to:

  • Ensure analysis of the development of the Masters Degree on the basis of procedures  established in the internal quality assurance system.
  • Identify possible shortcomings in the effective development of the Masters degree, analyse them and develop improvement actions.
  • Ensure public availability of information in order to ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Deliver recommendations and/or suggestions for improvement of the internal quality assurance system.


These tasks are the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Committee, which will assess the quality of the degree through established procedures.  The Committee will be composed of the following unipersonal entities:


  • President (director of ESADCYL)
  • General Quality Coordinator (Director of Studies at ESADCYL)
  • Secretary (secretary of ESADCYL)
  • Academic coordinator of the Masters Degree
  • Academic coordinator of the Masters Degree??
  • Teacher representative
  • Student representative
  • PAS (Personal de Administración y Servicios/Administration and Services Personnel) representative
  • Employment advisor

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